Know Someone Selling a Business?

Kestrel-Capital-Group-Advisor-ImageWe are a private equity firm with a different approach. We invest in lower middle market businesses for the long term. We seek businesses with established or emerging leadership positions whose products and services target growing end markets with scalable business models. More detail on our investment criteria can here found here.

While investment criteria are important considerations, “fit” with those we partner with forms the foundation for us in evaluating a potential transaction. We spend a great deal of our time meeting with the owners, managers, and advisors of many small businesses. We invest this time as we understand most business owners and leaders will participate in only one change-of-control transaction in their lifetime, and that selecting the right partner is very important for both owners and management teams.

We welcome every chance for a conversation with someone contemplating a transaction. Adding a partner to, or exiting, your business is a serious decision, and one which should be made only after consulting with experienced and trustworthy professionals.

We respond quickly and meet agreed upon deadlines. We assess transaction opportunities from all sides, attempting to unearth potential problems. We do not submit offers to simply engage in a conversation, hoping we can trade back on our terms down the road.

If you would like more information, please contact us.