Golden Anniversary of a Goldmine (a.k.a. Berkshire Hathaway)

With the year well underway, budgets are completed, audits are finished, taxes are filed . . . and there is now time to read the famous and always anticipated letter from Warren Buffett to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders.  Buffett’s letter is widely read by investors, but especially those with a long-term and value-focused orientation, and this one is especially unique as it marks the Buffett’s 50 year anniversary at the helm.

Berkshire’s and Buffett’s business principles are well known, and were memorialized some years ago in the Berkshire Owner’s Manual.  Though the deal of a career for lower middle market investors like Kestrel Capital Group would likely be too small to interest Buffett, we approach investment opportunities with the same long-term and partnership-oriented perspective Berkshire employs . . . and we are looking for new deals too!

Like most investors, we look for certain attributes, but the most important aspect in our assessment is evaluation of the overall fit of the people, prospects, and business model of the opportunities we consider.  We welcome the chance to learn about lower middle market investment opportunities and, whether or not there is a fit, we promise a quick and thoughtful response.

Give us a call if you have or know of an opportunity.  And if you want to learn more about Berkshire Hathaway, check their complete annual report here.