An Experienced, Strategic Partner with Patience

Kestrel-Capital-Group-Managment-ImageIf you are considering or are in the process of facilitating a transition and liquidity for your company’s current owners, please consider contacting us. We will be responsive and provide direct and honest feedback, whether or not there is a role for our firm.

We have worked with hundreds of lower-middle market businesses and partnered with dozens of management teams to grow and build valuable enterprises. We recognize we will never know your business as well as you do, but we do have over 50 years of experience partnering with management teams to build and grow businesses.

In our experience, strategy provides the roadmap. A well thought out strategy provides the underpinning for goals, focus, daily activity, learning, organizational structure, etc. However a successful strategy is not a destination – it is a journey with no finish line.

We strive to ensure our teams recognize that stepping back and working on your business is as important as working in your business. We do this by supporting and challenging a management team to improve their business – and in the process, themselves.

Building a business toward a quick flip is of no interest to us. We are interested in partnering with teams who are on a path to build a company that is built to last. This approach requires patience, flexibility, and a constant striving to evolve.

Your business may, and probably should, look very different ten years from now. Together we would strive to make it bigger, better, a great place to work, and well positioned for long-term competitiveness.