Is a Liquidity Event in Your Future?

Kestrel-Capital-Group-OwnersIf you have worked hard, built a successful business, and are now considering what’s next, please consider contacting us. We welcome the chance to explore working with successful entrepreneurs and owners to help facilitate a transition to the next chapter of their lives – whether that is bringing in a partner to help facilitate growth and expansion, or providing liquidity and a pathway and plan to exit.

Selling a business isn’t just about money

Whether distributed across a broad geography, or concentrated at one location, the people in every business make up their own community and create a unique culture. We seek partnerships with owners and their management teams and employees resulting in a transaction that considers the perspective of all stakeholders – both at the time of the transaction, and in the future. For sellers considering only price and terms but none of these other factors, we are unlikely to be a fit.

We do not intend to buy and flip. We are long-term investors, we care about your people, and we will strive to grow and evolve your business while honoring your legacy.