• Partnering with management teams on a long-term journey to grow outstanding businesses

    We have over 45 years of experience helping hundreds of established businesses evolve and grow. Our approach is different. We partner and invest in a limited number of businesses rather than a large portfolio of companies. Most often, we do so without a specific time horizon. Read more

  • We respond quickly
  • We meet deadlines
  • We communicate directly, openly, honestly and often
  • We have as much concern for people in the business
    as you do
  • We will partner with you or provide an exit pathway
  • We will care for and protect your company’s reputation
Management Teams
  • We have deep experience growing and scaling businesses
  • We take a long-term, partnership approach
  • We do not want to run the business
Our Investors
  • They seek long-term value creation – measuring relationships in decades
  • They are patient and support growth
  • They bring resources beyond capital, helping our companies succeed

We focus on working with and building high performance teams in the creation of enterprises that can adapt and compete strategically over the long-term. We challenge management teams and employee stakeholders to grow personally and to bring passion to their professional endeavors.

We believe a strong and collaborative culture focusing on long-term strategic growth and competitiveness is the pathway to extraordinary value creation. When achieved, liquidity and exit opportunities will present themselves, and as owners we together determine the appropriate timeline.

While we consider investment opportunities nationwide, we are located in Chicago and opportunities in the Midwestern United States are often preferred.

We respond quickly to inquiries.