Think Different


Remember that line from the late 1990’s Apple advertising campaign?
Think Different was the slogan for an ad campaign ordered by Steve Jobs shortly after he returned to the Apple experienced massive growth over the nearly 15 years following Jobs’ return in no small part because they did exactly what the slogan suggested.

As we set out to form Kestrel Capital Group, Steve Vivian and I pushed ourselves do to the same – think different. With combined experience of nearly fifty years financing and investing in lower middle market companies, we have learned a great deal along the way. And while we bring many of those lessons with us, Kestrel Capital Group also departs from the traditional Private Equity model in a few key ways. We are focused on the long-term . . . the really long-term. We go into our investments with an indefinite hold period rather than the intent to sell in five year. We have a preference for being involved with companies for a period of time measured in decades rather than years. And we bring the support of investors who share this long-term mind set.

From this key difference, several other nuances in approach naturally follow. We invite you to browse our website to learn more . . . and to give us a call if our approach resonates for you, or someone you know who may be considering a transaction.